Date of Award


Degree Type

Research Project Report (Capstone)

Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Technology


Computing and Information Sciences

First Advisor

Nicholas S. Rosasco


The purpose of this project is to design a suitable network system for universities in developing countries. The aim was to design a network with high-quality security and low cost, in such a way that network devices of universities in developing countries, will meet standards associated with the universities in developed countries. This project will help to enhance education in developing countries. There are many devices that were used in designing the network, such as routers, switches, backup, firewall, and servers. All devices were connected to each other to make integration network system and configured by putting IP addresses to all devices. Although the budget for this design network was low, it needed to have a high level of security. Accordingly, it incorporated several mechanisms including a firewall device that prevents any unfavorable data from entering into the network. Additionally, all devices in the network were secured by passwords, and these passwords were encrypted to be more secure. Moreover, each computer in the network was secured by antivirus programs and a backup system. This research discussed in details the budget challenges that the network faced in developing countries. Developing countries have a limited budget that affects choosing devices in the network such as servers. The servers used for this network design are DHCP server and DNS servers. This presentation and design included additional components such as a web server, mail server, etc.