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The 2007-2008 academic year brought a new program of student employment to our IT department called IT Fellows. This program brings together the technological skills of IT along with soft business skills to assist our student employees in becoming well-rounded individuals fully prepared for life after college. In previous years our primary area of student employment was the Help Desk in which there was a tiered system in place with opportunities for resume and interview experience, raises, and promotions. The area of training needed further development and the move to the new program provided enhanced opportunities for training at all levels of employment. First-year candidates attend a week-long Leadership Academy, followed by a full year of training in four six-week rotations of their choice, after which they interview for year-long assignments as interns. Internship opportunities are provided in all areas of the department as well as some campus departments outside of IT, and provide transcript credit for them to carry forward in their prospective careers. As they progress, some upper-class Fellows become mentors, coaches, managers, and trainers themselves. All Fellows participate in educational seminars throughout the year which address many areas of technology and professionalism. Come journey with us as we explore the new terrain of students as colleagues, and the benefits of expanding time staff as well as student employees.

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