Bridge/Work is the undergraduate journal of the Institute for Leadership and Service at Valparaiso University. The Institute seeks to prepare students for lives of leadership and service by helping them connect the dots between study, service, and success -- leading to a stronger sense of calling and purpose in society. Bridge/Work serves as an outlet which allows students to explore such themes in a more formal academic style.

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2017) Democracy in Transition? Neighbor, nation and the politics of now

With the drama created by and around this recent election cycle, it seems U.S. democracy and, in particular, the “respectability” of our political discourse, has shifted considerably and will likely continue to evolve in ways experts and amateurs are equally unable to predict. Some of the more divisive or difficult language may not be new to American politics, yet new technologies, alliances and polarities appear to be reshaping the landscape of participation. As the rules of engagement change, how do “we the people” express our opinions, advocate for our causes, and engage with our elected representatives and fellow citizens effectively? What do we hold in common, and how can we build on that to connect across differences? What in our values brings us together, and what drives us further apart? These complex and important questions were be at the heart of the 2017 Bridge/Work conference. The student papers published here were presented as part of the conference.