Submissions from 2019


Review: The Communicative Event in the Works of Günter Grass: Stages of Speech, 1959–2015 by Nicole A. Thesz, Timothy B. Malchow

Submissions from 2016


A Postcard Autobiography: Jurek Becker’s Unnarrated Response to the Holocaust, Jennifer Bjornstad


Ibrahim and Ismail, Abraham and Isaac: Turkish-German Relations and Sacrifice in Fatih Akin’s Auf der anderen Seite, Timothy Malchow

Submissions from 2015


Anna Muntprat's Legacy for the Zoffingen Sisters: A Second Copy of the Unterlinden Schwesternbuch, Sarah Glenn DeMaris


Johannes Meyer: Das Amptbuch, Sarah Glenn DeMaris

Submissions from 2013


Greening the German Classroom: Starting Points for a Cultural Lesson, Sarah Demaris

Submissions from 2008


From East Berlin to Hollywood: Literary Resistance in Jurek Becker's 'Jakob der Lugner', Jennifer Bjornstad

Submissions from 2005

Representation, Subversion, and Eugenics in Gunter Grass's The Tin Drum, T. B. Malchow

Thomas Bernhard's `Frost'and Adalbert Stifter: Literature, Legacy, and National Identity in the Early Austrian Second Republic, T. B. Malchow

Submissions from 2003

The Novels of Thomas Bernhard: Form and Its Function, T. B. Malchow