Submissions from 2015

Cybergeography IRL, Michael W. Longan

Submissions from 2013


Landscape as Media, Media as Landscape: Representing Northwest Indiana as Landscape on the World Wide Web, Michael W. Longan

Submissions from 2012


Weather, climate, and worldviews: the sources and consequences of public perceptions of changes in local weather patterns, Kevin Goebbert, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, Kim Klockow, Matthew C. Nowlin, and Carol L. Silva


Hand Raised: The Barns of Montana Book Review, Jon T. Kilpinen

Submissions from 2011


He is Called a Region Rat, Tracy Rongers


The Region Rat: Folkloristic Contexts of People and Place, Tracy Rongers

Submissions from 2010


Interannual Variability of Northwest Australian Tropical Cyclones, Kevin H. Goebbert and Lance M. Leslie

Submissions from 2009


Predicting Outcrossing in Maize Hybrid Seed Production, Juan P. Astini, Agustin Fonseca, Craig Clark, Jon Lizaso, Lachen Grass, Mark Westgate, and Raymond Arritt

Submissions from 2008

Landscapes of a New Cultural Economy of Space, Michael W. Longan

Using PlacesOnLine in Instructional Activities, Michael W. Longan, Francis Owusu, and Curtis C. Roseman

Submissions from 2007

Service Learning and Building Community With the World Wide Web, Michael W. Longan


Comparison of Canadian Air Quality Forecast Models With Tropospheric Ozone Profile Measurements Above Midlatitude North America During the IONS/ICARTT Campaign: Evidence for Stratospheric Input, D. W. Tarasick, Gary Morris, and et al.

Submissions from 2005


Land Speculation and the Case of Greer County, Texas, Jon T. Kilpinen

Visions of Community and Mobility: The Community Networking Movement in the USA, Michael W. Longan

Submissions from 2004


The Supreme Court's Role in Choctaw and Chickasaw Dispossession, Jon T. Kilpinen

Spatializing International Politics: Analyzing Activism on the Internet, Micahel W. Longan

Submissions from 2002

Building a Global Sense of Place: The Community Networking Movement in the United States, Michael W. Longan

Submissions from 1995

Finnish Cultural Landscapes in the Pacific-Northwest, Jon T. Kilpinen

The Front-gabled Log-cabin and the Role of the Great-plains in the Formation of the Mountain Wests Built Landscape, Jon T. Kilpinen