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Spring 4-30-2015


Forever Young is a website that presents videos and photographs focusing on nail art and make-up. Liang Zhao, the designer of the website, is a graduate student in Valparaiso University Digital Media program. Liang is enthusiastic about nail art. Her designs of nail painting will be showed on the website while being combined with different styles of make-up. The website is built based on Liang’s personal preference of fashion and the professional principles of web design.

Liang’s designs of nail painting are inspired by many practical Chinese nail artists. And based on her personal experience, Liang will show the viewers a lot of different styles of nail painting that can be duplicated by anyone at home. The viewers of Forever Young will be allowed to navigate through different categories of fashion collocation that emphasizes nail art and make-up. The make-up tutorials are imported from Ruotao Li, a former graduate digital media student who is enthusiastic about fashion collocation.

Forever Young will eventually be a comprehensive online community where personalized videos and photographs are shared when the viewers are allowed to communicate freely on either the site or other social media platforms.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Liang Zhao comes from Beijing, the capital of China. Liang Zhao’s undergraduate major was International Business. She graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2011. Liang Zhao then came to the United States in August 2012. She spent about eight months in language school before enrolling into the foundation program of Valparaiso University (VU) in 2013 and Graduate Digital Media program in 2014. After that, she began to touch and learn some Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign and so on. Her favorite is InDesign, because she likes to design posters and book covers. Liang Zhao believes that whether a book is popular, in addition to the content of the book, the cover of the book is also very critical. Book cover is the readers' first step to understand the content of the book. If the book cover can attract readers, readers will be willing to open the book and read it. After the book design, Liang Zhao began her first web design project.

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