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(jamal.mohammed@valpo.edu) Jamal O Mohammed

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Spring 4-30-2015


We introduce the “Stack View” and our stack view is a book visualization and browsing tool-a virtual shelf which allows users to explore books on a shelf. While many users start their online research with electronic databases and library catalogs, most of the time when you find a book or things on Christopher Center Library website, you often feel driving down a dark tunnel. We developed an online virtual browsing tool that replace and enhance physical access to library stacks.

We used catalog data to create a virtual shelf. It is similar to the way visitors browse books on a shelf. We've made a shelf browser and organizing results by call number. This search works across all of the holdings, regardless of the books' locations.

Through using a stack view, you can find yourself walking down to the library looking for an actual place of the book that you are looking for in the library. Virtual library is a way that books can express themselves through their names, sizes, shapes, and their locations. So, stack view is a way to show you some information that you would get it if you were in a real library.

Recommended Citation:

Wayne State University Libraries https://github.com/WSULib/SVCatConnector

Harvard Library Innovation Lab https://github.com/harvard-lil/stackview

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Jamal Omar Mohammed has done Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and now studying MS in Information Technology. He has nearly five years’ experience in IT work and seven years’ experience in engineering and management. He has a wife and two children. Jamal would like to work as a software developer or as a web developer.

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