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Natalie Krivas

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Mary Pat Champeau

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Graduate School/Education/Humane Education

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Oral Presentation


Spring 4-21-2016

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Natalie Krivas is a M.Ed. candidate at Valparaiso University. Her background includes various experiences, but her life’s work and passion has been centered on education. For 10 years, Natalie taught at the K-12 levels, mostly in high schools, and focused on teaching meaningful content to her students. Natalie is currently Head of Marketing and Communications at Opportunity Enterprises, a local non-profit organization serving individuals with disabilities. She continues to grow as a contributing member of the Valparaiso community. Involved in volunteering and philanthropy, this mother, student, and humane educator strives to make the lives around her better, and to share her passion for the power of education to genuinely make the world a better place for all.