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Lisa M. Davison

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Dr. Kari-Anne Innes

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Arts and Sciences


Arts & Entertainment

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Oral Presentation


Spring 3-23-2016

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Lisa Marie (Gilyan) Davison is a graduate student in behavorial sciences at Valparaiso University.

I have a passion for the arts and entertainment. We live in an area that is rich in culture and education, and are provided opportunity to expand, share, and embrace the arts, right here in Valparaiso. I have experience in advertising and sales, and my love and appreciation for the arts inspires me to be involved in worthy projects.

The NIETF Marketing project inspired me to work with the Valparaiso Theatrical Company for its creative melding of fundraising for charities and live theatre performance. What a wonderful way to raise money for worthy causes in our surrounding area! I want to share this with everyone.