Effective Time-Management as a Strategy towards Self-Regulation and Learning


Arts and Sciences



Document Type

Poster Presentation


Spring 4-30-2015


The lack of mastery in higher order thinking skills of at-risk students in secondary mathematics appears strongly linked to their inability to look for and make use of structure, reason abstractly and quantitatively. In this study, the aim was to implement a time management strategy that allowed students to self-evaluate how effectively they used their time towards becoming better regulators of their own learning and improve accuracy in evaluating trigonometric problems using the unit circle. A survey was given to evaluate students’ time management practices outside of class instruction before implementing a model that tracked how well students categorized and completed scheduled tasks. Study findings will be statistically analyzed to determine potential improvements that will assist students to become better self-regulated learners. Additionally, an instructor observational reflection will also be documented to infer best practices that can be implemented before and after the study.

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