Synthesis and characterization of a 7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazol-4-yl (NBD)-containing amino acid

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Dana Winkle

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Thomas Goyne

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Fall 10-28-2016


Unnatural fluorescent amino acids are important tools that allow biochemists to visualize proteins in living cells. The addition of an unnatural fluorescent amino acid makes any normally transparent proteins to glow in the dark. The goal of this research is to synthesize the unnatural fluorescent amino acids shown in the reaction equation below (protected amino acid: R = t-Boc; deprotected amino acid: R = H). We have LC-MS data supporting the formation of the deprotected amino acid (m/z = 269.13 (observed); m/z = 269.08 (predicted)).

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This research project relates to the idea of synthesizing unnatural fluorescent amino acids so they can be incorporated into a protein. This will give the ability to observe the protein 'in vivo'.

Dana Winkle is currently a Junior at Valparaiso University. She is a Secondary Education and Chemistry double major with a minor in Mathematics. She is also a current MSEED scholar. She had no prior experience in research until this past summer. She is planning on teaching Chemistry in high school. Her dream is to be the head of the Education Department of the Nation.

She took upon this research opportunity because she loves synthesizing compounds and to analyze the data.

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