Bazaar Scheduling: Scheduling Algorithms for Federated Networks of Independent Satellite Ground Stations

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Grace Freigang

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Dan White

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Poster Presentation


Fall 10-27-2017


The overall goal of the project is to develop a multi-network, multi-satellite ground station scheduling protocol and companion scheduling algorithm. A critical component in this effort is the creation of an automated scheduling system to increase access times (sec/day of potential communication) for low earth orbiting satellites, due to the recent increase in small satellite launches. The summer's major task was to create a simulation framework to test the performance of potential algorithms as no such system yet exists. Phase one was to understand orbital parameters of low earth orbiting satellites and used PyEphem to do the astronomical calculations necessary to find the passes overhead of certain ground stations. Phase two involved taking those candidate passes and analyzing multiple parameters, such as access time and gaps in satellite coverage. Phase three involves evaluating different strategies using the new simulator to determine the most effective scheduling implementation. Future work includes incorporating the Python code into the SatNOGS ground station network as the reference implementation and continued optimization of scheduling to accommodate individual ground station and network priorities.

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Grace Freigang is a Computer Engineering student at Valparaiso University entering her senior year. She has previously participated in the SatNOGS undergraduate research project through the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Grace has been facinated with the space industry from a young age and hopes to land a job with an areospace company upon graduation in May of 2018.

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