Computational Study of bimetallic dimers for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

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Christopher C Morrissey

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Haiying He

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Arts and Sciences


Physics and Astronomy

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Poster Presentation


Fall 10-27-2017


CO2 reduction requires a large energy input due to the high thermodynamic stability of CO2. As a result, the challenge in CO2 reduction is to find highly efficient, low costing catalysts. Recently, subnanometer metal clusters have shown promise as catalysts due to their unique electronic and catalytic properties. In this study, we have used density functional theory to study bimetallic dimers anchored on a defective graphene sheet for CO2 reduction. Better performance were identified for some clusters. The results of this study will inform further experimental research in CO2 reduction using subnanometer metal clusters.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Christopher Morrissey is an Adult Scholar working currently applying to graduate school. Over the summer, he worked at Argonne National Laboratory with Prof. Haiying He, a physics professor at Valparaiso University, through the Visiting Faculty Program from the Department of Energy. The faculty sponsor for the project at Argonne was Dr. Peter Zapol. The project at Argonne is being continued through the fall semester of 2017.

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