Product Yield Determination via an Integrated 13C Spectra

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Riley Zimmer

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Dr. Kevin Jantzi

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Fall 10-30-2015


The goal of this research was to further develop an experiment that will allow organic chemistry students to compare the ring-opening reaction behavior of propylene oxide using methanol as the nucleophile under both acidic and basic conditions. The composition of the product mixtures was determined using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) via an Inverse Gated 13C spectra. Naphthalene was used as an internal standard. Propylene oxide was refluxed in methanol under acidic conditions to produce a 50:50 ratio of the two possible products (1-methoxy-2-propanol and 2-methoxy-1-propanol) at a 68% yield. Basic conditions resulted in a 67% yield with a 99:1 product ratio of 1-methoxy-2-propanol to 2-methoxy-1-propanol. These yields are significantly lower that previous work. The experimental procedure of this experiment will continue to be investigated with hopes of achieving higher, more consistent product yields.

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I am a junior chemistry and secondary education student. I decided to pursue this project because it brings my two fields of study together.

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