Explorations in Real-Time PCR

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Claire Mammoser

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Dr. Laura Rowe

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Fall 10-30-2015


Real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a method by which a specific segment of DNA can be replicated and the results of this amplification viewed both in real time and quantitatively using fluorescence. We have used Real-Time PCR to test the identity and genetic composition of various food samples, and to quantify the amout of this DNA present in the food samples. Another goal of this project was to learn more about the process and instrumentation for PCR and its uses in research. Using and Rt-PCR SYBRgreen kit from BioRad, we tested commercially available corn-based snack foods for the presence of GMOs. The results from this genetically modified food experiment positively identified GMO genes in a DoritosTM sample, and gave expected control values, indicating a reliable analysis. In the future, we will use these test as the basis for developments of new protocols for use in the classroom or in research.

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Claire Mammoser is an undergraduate chemistry student at Valparaiso University. While currently working on other projects, Claire hopes to continue research in both PCR and food chemistry in future years and to connect this work to other projects in the chemistry department.

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