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Fall 10-28-2016


Ultraviolet and visible (UV/vis) light were used to determine the composition of aerosol samples taken from several military bases located in the Middle East. The aerosols were collected using a cascade impactor placing time resolved aerosols on strips of Mylar. These strips were then fed into a fiber optic UV/vis spectrometer which passes light through the Mylar strip and detects the amount of transmitted light relative to a blank standard. By measuring the light transmitted, the amount of aerosol on the Mylar strip was determined proportional to a calibration curve of standard mass depositions. The UV/vis tests were then compared to results from β-gauge analysis performed on the same samples to determine the validity of optical transparency as a substitute for electron attenuation studies. It was determined that the UV/vis data is largely comparable to the β -gauge data showing that UV/vis is a viable alternative to the β -gauge method as well as being more convenient, expedient, and easier to perform.

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