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Anna Bockman

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Dr. Jeffrey Pruet

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Fall 10-25-2019


Methionine Synthase (MetSyn) is an enzyme that uses folate and homocysteine to create the amino acid methionine, which is essential for all organisms. There are key differences between the fungal MetSyn enzyme and the mammalian (human) form, especially with regard to the proximity of the two binding sites for folate and homocysteine. Taking advantage of these differences, an antifungal drug could be developed to exclusively bind the fungal enzyme and inhibit fungal growth while leaving the host (patient) unaffected. We are currently exploring the synthesis of various molecules that mimic folate, an essential substrate for MetSyn function. We plan to screen these molecules against various fungal species as well as in an isolated system with the MetSyn enzyme itself.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Anna Bockman is a senior chemistry major. She has been on the project since second semester freshman year. Her interest was gained through the idea of building/creating possible fungicides.