Behaviors of Zeolite L and Brooker's Merocyanine

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Fall 10-25-2019


Zeolites have a versatile role in industry as purification devices, catalysts, and ion exchange micro-vessels. In order to study the behavior of porous Zeolite L, Brooker's merocyanine was chosen for its properties that can be affected by the channels of Zeolite L. This organic dye is a zwitterionic molecule with second harmonic generation potential, thermochromic and solvatochromic properties. This study focused on the behaviors of Brooker's merocyanine inside and adsorbed to the surface of Zeolite L. Zeolite L crystals were generated through hydrothermal synthesis, and the crystal structure was confirmed using x-ray diffraction. Dye loading occurred by soaking the crystals in an acidic dye solution. UV/Vis spectroscopy was used to determine how much dye adsorbed to the zeolite. BET analysis was used to determine the location of dye molecules. BET results showed that the dye adsorbed to Zeolite L, but only on the surface of the crystals. Solvent studies were performed to find the optimal choice of solvent for dye loading. This study suggests that water is not the best solvent for dye loading. Rather, small organic alcohols are better for adsorption. Overall, this study has developed a better understanding of the interactions between Zeolite L and Brooker's merocyanine.

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Annamaria Durante is a senior Chemistry and Biology double major who plans to attend medical school after graduation from Valparaiso University. Ethan Ross is a junior Chemistry major with a physics minor. He joined this research in hopes of expanding his knowledge of chemistry and lab techniques. Payton Wills is a sophomore Biology and Chemistry double major. The critical skills gained from participating in this research project will be helpful when applying to medical school.

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