Using Carcassonne in Upper-Level Math Courses

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Tim DeRolf

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Mindy Capaldi

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Mathematics & Statistics

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Fall 10-25-2019


Board games offer a myriad of educational opportunities for students at all levels. This research explores potential connections between the game Carcassonne, a competitive tile laying game, and topics in mathematics such as abstract algebra and topology. Through researching these connections, students in upper-level math courses can understand concepts beyond the surface level. Areas explored in abstract algebra include binary operations and group structures. Areas explored in topology include topological spaces and equivalences. This work is a continuation of Dr. Tiffany Kolba and Dr. Mindy Capaldi’s statistical examination of Carcassonne.

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Timothy DeRolf is a third-year mathematics major from Munster, IN. Originally a meteorology major, he transitioned into a mathematics major with the aim of becoming a professor. Timothy enjoys researching board games because they offer a fresh insight on instructional methods for a classroom. He hopes to use his undergraduate research experience in his future career.

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