A Theoretical Investigation into Warp Fields, Warp Drive and Warp Propulsion

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WIlliam Bakke


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Physics and Astronomy

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Poster Presentation


Fall 10-25-2019


It can be shown, within the confines of General and Special Relativity, that a ship could travel faster than the speed of Light if it uses the proper methods to do so. This is possible within G/S Relativity due to the fact that Space-Time can affect the way that baryonic matter moves. Therefore, one can surmise that it would be theoretically possible to use Space-Time to make a ship travel faster than Light. In order to do this, a ‘Warp Bubble’ must be created. In essence, a Warp Bubble is an area (volume) of normal Space-Time that is surrounded by areas of hyper-contracted and hyper-expanded Space-Time. These areas of Space-Time would try to annihilate each other, but if it is possible to keep them from annihilating each other. Since it is possible to keep them from annihilating each other, they would induce motion. This is possible to do this due to clever usage of M-Theory and Subspaces.

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The author of the paper, myself, become interested in the topic after seeing Star Trek for the first time. Since then, I had been teaching myself and have taken as many physics classes as I could in order to come up with a way in which we could travel faster than light. I am a current Freshman Physics Major, with the hope to get a Doctorate in Theoretical Physics.

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