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"The narratives that appear beyond this foreword, plus one modest literature review, one integrative study, and one healthcare guideline analysis, were written last spring by students from the College of Nursing and Health Professions in sections of English 205. English 205 is a writing-intensive course offered by the English department, listed in the catalog as “Writing in the Health Professions.” As titles go, that’s pretty bland, for a course or for a collection of writing. Writing in the health professions is anything but bland, as you’ll find out if you read any of the work in this collection. Health professionals write in a variety of genres, for different purposes and for different audiences. This collection features just three types of writing health professionals both read and write: the patient narrative, the literature review, and the integrative study. It also includes a genre of writing that you may not encounter in the profession, but which allows its writer to practice analyzing published professional practice guidelines. In the future, this collection may include other types of writing students encounter and produce in English 205, including print and online materials for patient education and patient advocacy." (from Foreword)

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Rhetoric and Composition


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Writing in the Health Sciences: A Collection of Exemplary Student Writing Spring 2019