Performance Based Maintenance

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the American Power Conference, Vol. 60, Pts I & Ii


Automatic tap changing transformers have been in service for a number of decades. Their performance has been exceptional; however, with deregulation now on the horizon, the frequency and scope of maintenance of these devices has become an issue of concern. Maintenance is certainly important to the proper operation and reliability of tap changing transformers, but time-based maintenance is costly and can erode profitability of a company if unnecessary maintenance is routinely performed on any device. Operations counter-based maintenance is an improved approach but cumulative operations are not always a reliable trigger of need for maintenance. With these concerns as a focus, work towards finding methods for identifying timely maintenance on load tap changers has begun. The central point of this thesis is to find non-traditional ways to identify load tap changers which need maintenance to assure longer, trouble free operation while keeping maintenance cost to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary maintenance. To reach this goal, operations data in the form of the load tap changer's counter data is used to identify load tap changers that are exhibiting behavior characteristics of imminent trouble. This paper discusses the approach Commonwealth Edison Company has taken as part of an ongoing effort to streamline maintenance procedures and improve system reliability. Demonstrated in this paper is the method by which load tap changer counter information is being analyzed through the use of sophisticated software packages. Preliminary results presented within this paper demonstrate the value that this data can provide.

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