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Evidence-Based Project Report

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Julie M. Brandy


The uptake of the influenza vaccine is the most effective and proactive action an individual can take to defend themselves against the influenza outbreak each season; therefore, it is recommended that everyone at least six months of age and older should receive the annual flu vaccine (CDC, 2022; WHO, 2023). Unfortunately, influenza vaccine hesitancy is demonstrated on a global level affecting the uptake compliance annually each influenza season despite the millions of people that experience influenza symptoms annually (CDC, 2022, WHO, n.d.; Healthy People 2030, n.d.). The PICOT question for this project was in adults, over the age of 18, who are eligible for the influenza vaccine, does the combination of phone call reminders, education, a CDC hand out, and provider recommendation compared to the prior intervention of asking if they would like the influenza vaccine during the appointment, decrease influenza vaccine hesitancy, during 12 weeks of the influenza season? Convenience sampling done at scheduled appointments at a family practice site in northern Indiana was used to recruit 115 participants. Once recruited, participants completed a demographic form that included specific influenza information including their vaccine status from the previous year, if they would receive it this year, and identifying a barrier if refused vaccination. This multimodal intervention involved use of presumptive language, education, phone call reminders, provider recommendations, a take home CDC handout (Appendix B), and a knowledge test. Post intervention chart reviews through the electronic medical record were completed to determine how many individuals had a positive behavior change related to vaccine hesitancy. There was clinical significance demonstrated by an increase of 14. 8% in the total vaccinated population after implementation. A Chi Square of Independence was used to determine a statistical significance (x2 (1)=56.821, p < .001) demonstrating effectiveness of the project multimodal approach. Findings from this project may help illustrate the importance of vaccination education and demonstrate the need to further research on interventions to decrease influenza vaccine hesitancy.

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