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Evidence-Based Project Report

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Jamie Bump


Obesity is a worsening pandemic that requires immediate action. It is recommended that primary care providers screen patients for obesity and provide multimodal behavioral interventions to their patients to treat and prevent obesity (USPSTF, 2018). The purpose of this evidenced-base practice (EBP) project is to implement a multimodal intervention for weight loss in adults within primary care. Five search engines were utilized, and 16 articles were ultimately selected as evidence. The evidence supported self-monitoring and close follow-up while in active weight loss. The Iowa Model for EBP to promote quality care was used as the framework to guide the project at a one-provider primary care clinic in Prescott, Arizona. This EBP project aimed to improve weight loss in participants through daily self-monitoring of caloric intake and physical activity via a smart phone application or paper entry. In-person and telephone follow-up alternated every two weeks for a timeframe of 12 weeks. Follow-up was provided by the nurse practitioner and the project leader. The intervention group consisted of seven participants and outcomes were measured as change in Body Mass Index (BMI). Data was collected preintervention and every four weeks until the end of the implementation period. The intervention group data was compared to change in BMI in the comparison group, which also consisted of seven participants. Key stakeholders included the nurse practitioner, medical assistant, the project leader, other students, as well as patients and their family members. To determine if implementation of the intervention was effective, a data analysis was completed. Implications for practice will be discussed.

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