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Evidence-Based Project Report

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Scarlet R. Spain


Given the global tragedy that this most recent pandemic has caused, more attention has been given to the devastating outcomes that the spread of infectious disease outbreaks can have. Similar to those with comorbid conditions, pregnant women are also extremely vulnerable to infectious diseases, as disease manifestation does not only affect the mother, but the fetus as well. Thus, the prevention of both the influenza virus and pertussis are two major goals when providing care for this population. Preventing both of these disease processes during the intrapartum period helps to ensure optimal wellness for both mother and baby and overall limits the potential for disease-related complications throughout the lifespan. The purpose of this evidence-based practice (EBP) project is to evaluate the effectiveness of a multifaceted approach using patient education and reminder/recall interventions to help remind pregnant women to receive both their influenza and Tdap vaccine. The Iowa model was used to guide this project as this theoretical framework uses a step by step approach to EBP. The sample consisted of one group of 32 pregnant women who receive care at a community based and certified midwife led clinic in urban north Indianapolis. The intervention consists of providing inperson education regarding vaccination importance during pregnancy in the office, followed by a series of either text messages or phone calls (participant preference) over the course of the study period. Outcomes will be measured by assessing the number of participants who received their vaccine(s). Outcomes will be verified using the medical chart to ensure that vaccine(s) have been documented as either given or not given. Secondary outcomes will measure the percentage of participants who contracted either influenza or pertussis during her pregnancy. Demographic data was collected prior to the intervention and recorded. This data will be analyzed using a chi-square test to assess the effectiveness of patient education coupled with reminder/recall techniques on vaccination uptake in the pregnant population.

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