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Evidence-Based Project Report

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Julie M. Brandy


Childhood obesity is one of the most chronic childhood illness worldwide (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2019; World Health Organization [WHO], 2019). The prevalence of childhood obesity has been described as one of the most common chronic childhood conditions (CDC). The purpose of this evidence-based practice (EBP) project was to reduce the BMI scores of obese children using a multi-component intervention program that incorporates healthy eating, physical activity, and family involvement. The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (JHNEBP) model was used to facilitate the implementation of this EBP project. The synthesis of the appraised literature established that utilizing motivational interviewing (MI) to deliver multicomponent lifestyle interventions and family involvement is considered best practice for childhood obesity treatment. For six weeks, seven participants and their parents received a weekly, 30-minute, face-to-face, individualized: MI session integrating the 5-2-1-0 healthy habits messages. The mnemonic, 5-2-1-0 represents healthy eating and physical activity habits each day: five or more fruits and vegetables per day, two hours or less screen time per day, one hour or more of physical activity per day, and zero sugar drinks coupled with plenty of water, and low-fat milk consumption (Tucker et al., 2013). The BMI measurements of the same participants were collected prior to the initiation of the 5-2-1-0 obesity program and after the program completion at six weeks. A paired t-test was used to compare the pre-implementation BMI data to the post-implementation BMI data. Statistically significant differences in BMI were found (p = 0.012; N=7) over the six-week intervention period. Future projects with similar objectives to this EBP project may benefit from using the 5-2-1-0 program to combat childhood obesity.

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