Date of Award


Degree Type

Evidence-Based Project Report

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Lindsay Munden


The prevalence of obesity, and obesity related diseases throughout America, specifically in regard to the college student population has steadily climbed over the course of the last forty years, due largely in part to the increase in sedentary lifestyle behaviors, amongst other factors (Swanson, 2016). Physical activity has been widely recognized as a valid means of combatting obesity and weight gain while promoting health related quality of life (Swanson, 2016). Therefore, implementing strategies aimed at increasing physical fitness in attempt to control weight management is imperative to promoting improved health outcomes. The purpose of this evidence-based project was to examine the effects that the mobile fitness application “My Fitness Pal” had on weight management and prevalence of physical activity amongst university students. Theoretically, the project was designed with aid of the Health Belief Model to promote self-efficacy of participants and motivate them to engage in physical activity to achieve health benefits. A convenience sample of undergraduate students was drawn from a Midwestern Lutheran University. Participants provided baseline information regarding their physical activity and bodyweight measurement and then were presented with an educational intervention that promoted the use of a mobile fitness application, along with customized exercise tips and resources available on the university campus to encourage them to participate and log physical activity. In order to ascertain the effectiveness of the exercise promotion intervention, paired sample t-tests will be utilized to compare participant’s caloric expenditure, BMI, and exercise self-efficacy scores both pre and post intervention. The software program Intellectus Statistics will be utilized to complete all statistical analysis with a statistical significance level set at p < 0.5. Implications for practice will be further discussed.

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