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Poster Presentation

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Spring 2012


The Bateman Team’s topic was childhood obesity, a well-known, yet hidden issue. Before beginning the campaign, it was necessary to research the target audiences and the most effective ways to reach them. The Bateman Team chose to address elementary school third graders (about 70 students) and their faculty. Research showed that the best ways to communicate with the 8-9 year olds was through interactive activities and guidance. As a team, we coordinated with the school’s administration to implement the plan for a set time during the school day. The third graders were separated into two sections (35 students each) to attend our event. The elementary students proceeded to seven stations which engaged their knowledge on obesity, making healthy choices, and learning about the importance of exercise. Based on our evaluation of the children’s reactions to the stations, their enthusiasm, and overall engagement, we concluded that they did enjoy the events and left with a better understanding of childhood obesity. The Bateman Team assessed that 90 percent of the students will make healthier choices and implement the knowledge provided to them.

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