Early Intervention Referral Relevance Rates

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Rachel Murray


Arts and Sciences


Social Work

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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 3-26-2021


The following study is a single subject design that will measure the relevancy of the referrals that received from LaPorte Community School Corporation staff to the early intervention program. After the program was implemented in the fall of 2020, it was found that many of the referrals did not fit the definition of early intervention. In an attempt to receive more appropriate referrals, the definition of early intervention was listed at the bottom of the referral forms. The following study will examine the effects of this intervention and if it increases the relevance of referrals to the program. The baseline of this study will be measured retroactively with past data regarding referral relevance that was collected prior to the intervention. The data points will include: the number of past referrals (before the intervention), the number of referrals determined to be early intervention, the number of referrals determined to be irrelevant, and a coded record of the referral source to ensure confidentiality. It is expected that by listing the definition of early intervention on the bottom of the program referral forms and pointing this change out to the coworkers that make referrals, a greater number of program appropriate referrals will be received than before the intervention. At the end of the study, the percentage of relevant referrals will be calculated and compared to the rate of relevant referrals that were retroactively collected before the intervention. If the percentage of relevant referrals is higher than the baseline, it will infer that the intervention was successful. The referral source will be collected for each case (in a coded format to ensure confidentiality) to determine if the intervention was successful on all, some, or none of the referral sources.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Lydia Knorp is a social work major and Spanish minor from St. Louis, Missouri. She is currently an intern for the LaPorte Community School Corporation’s Family and Community Engagement Center as the Family Advocate for ninth and tenth-grade students. This coming fall, she will be continuing her education at Loyola University Chicago by pursuing her MSW in Leadership and Development in Social Services and Migration Studies.

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