A Study on the Effectiveness of Stress Management Techniques


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Rachel Murray

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Spring 4-29-2021


This research was conducted for my research and stat implementation course. Throughout my time in the social work program, self-care and taking proper time to reflect and recharge has been a very important part of the process. However, one difficulty I know that I have faced is finding how to best use this time and get the most out of the process. This single subject design study aims to look at how I can use different self-care techniques to get the most effective reflection based on the stress I am feeling. The two different types of stressors that I face most at school are personal stress, from family, friends, and life in general, and there is school stress, from assignments, internship, and events. I have been tracking these different types of stressors in a write up so I am able to quantify which stress I was experiencing each time I performed my relaxation techniques. When looking at my relaxation techniques, I am using two primary strategies. One of which involves writing, sketching, and creating as a form of expression of my stress, and the other being meditation, both guided and personal, as well as self-reflection and evaluation. These different strategies have been ones I have used throughout my life so I decided it best to see which of these was more appropriate for my different kinds of stress. My hypothesis for this research is that I will prefer the reflection for school stress and the creative technique for personal stressors.

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Jacob is from Illinois from a small rural town with a population of around 3,000 called Mt. Morris. He wanted the chance to go out and make something new for himself in the world and find his joy. This is where he found VU, where he initially enrolled in the PT program, however after an intro course he found a love for social work and switched majors his Sophomore year and have not looked back.

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