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Spring 2012


Public Relations is extensively integrated into social and digital communication platforms. PR is focused on dialogic communication grounded in the philosophy of caring (Coombs, 2007). The most effective approach to understanding the PR role through social media is to examine how these platforms are used in developing relationships between an organization and its publics. Experienced professionals suggest it is the relationship between an organization's goals and the needs of its publics that allows the most effective communication process. Therefore, students conducted in-depth interviews of members of a student organization to establish the goals of the organization. Then the publics were interviewed to see if the needs of the external audience matched the goals of the organization. From this data, the students developed content for the various social media platforms. The test of this experiment will be when these platforms are established for execution and the impact results in increased membership. This reflected the relationship between Valpo student organizations and increased membership, including potential membership.

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