Impacts of Dynamic Intervention in Functional Movement Screening

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Kelly Helm


Arts and Sciences


Exercise Science

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-29-2021


The objective of this study was to aimed examine the impact of dynamic intervention stretching on Functional Movement Screening (FMS)©. The (FMS)© is a screening system that allows the professional to assess the fundamental movement patterns of an individual. Movements include deep squat. hurdle step, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, rotary stability, active straight leg raises, and trunk stability push-up. Further, per/post Functional Movement Scores (FMS) scores will be compared to see if dynamic stretching intervention was effective on functional movement quality. The null hypothesis stated that no statistically significant differences will be found between FMS© and dynamic intervention stretching nor functional movement quality. The participants in this study were student-athletes at a small Division I University. A non-probability sample 8 division I football players were recruited for the study. All participants were over 18 years of age and was recruited by the means of convenience sampling. A functional movement assessment kit, dowel rod, and an iPad was used data collection. All data was analyzed using SPSS software. Data analysis was performed to investigate differences in pre- and post-intervention scores. Descriptive statistics inclusive of means, standard deviations and deltas between pre- and post- FMSÓ scores were also determined. A paired sample mean t-test was done to test for significance differences between pre and post-intervention stretching FMSÓ scores. The null hypothesis was rejected.

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The author is an exercise science major with goals of becoming an occupational therapist. During a functional movement screen(FMS) assessment in 2020 the researcher observed VU's baseball team perform the functional movements. This lead the researcher to think of ways to improve FMS scores. This created thoughts on whether incorporating post dynamic intervention stretching would improve their functional movement performance scores overall or have little to no affects.

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