Valpo SERF App

Faculty Sponsor

Michael Glass


Arts and Sciences


Computer and Information Science

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-29-2021


This project performs public outreach for the Valparaiso Solar Energy Research Facility (SERF), a solar furnace used for research at Valparaiso University. With this software, interested members of the public and members of the SERF research community can keep in touch with solar furnace operations. They can be alerted when the furnace turns on and keep apprised of the experiments currently running. There will be a camera to live stream a view inside the facility. This project will use the Flutter SDK from Google to create the mobile application on Android and iOS. The mobile app will be used for push notifications and to make the application more accessible. The app will take a blog format of posts and pictures, with each post having a title and a description of the experiment currently being conducted. The project will also have an Apache server and a MySQL database to store and query the information the SERF team wanted to present. Flutter can be used with PHP scripts to query a web server with a SQL database, and this is the method we are going to use.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Gabe Fragoso (Class of 2022) is a Computer Science and Mathematics double major with a minor in Japanese.

Sam Gordon (Class of 2021) is a Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics.

Matthew Spivey (Class of 2022) is a Computer Science major with a minor in Psychology.

Evan Cummings (Class of 2023) is Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics.

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