Tracking Valpo’s Bluetooth

Faculty Sponsor

Michael Glass


Arts and Sciences


Computer Science

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-29-2021


This project allows users to observe the movements of the bluetooth devices that people carry around campus. Bluetooth devices are all around us at all times, constantly outputting their signal. Prof. Dan White placed bluetooth sniffers across campus, which can identify devices within range by the beacons that bluetooth devices frequently emit. These device sightings are collected into a database, where an interested user can track the movement of any bluetooth device on campus. Professor White planned to distribute a number of keys to students across campus. Our goal has been working on the refinement of the database and digital management of these devices. This involved the creation of a website that can track the devices remotely, and allows for the registration of new bluetooth sniffing devices. By registering these keys in a way that allows for tracking, we can then move on to the data management segment of the project. Our end goal is to be able to locate specific bluetooth capable devices and retrieve certain information that is important to the digital manager (for example, a user device’s MAC address). All of this information will be used to create our application, which will be useful for the Engineering Department.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Nathan Randle, Data Science and Computer Science Major, Expected 2021

Steve Helm, Computer Science Major, Expected 2022

Micheal Revor, Mathematics and Computer Science Major, Expected 2021

Mihal Zavalani, Computer Science Major, Math Minor, Expected 2021

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