Geochemical and Morphological Changes Associated with a Wetland

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Jon-Paul McCool


Arts and Sciences


Environmental Science

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-29-2021


Wetlands are important providers of many ecosystem services, and wetland delineation determines land use options for an area. Geochemical and morphological changes can be determined through magnetic susceptibility, organic matter content, and x-ray fluorescence. Results showed consistency in organic matter percentage throughout the wetland sample, indicating an anaerobic environment, while the non-wetland samples showed decreased organic matter percentages with depth. The variations in Fe content seen are likely due to iron solubility in respect to pH.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Grace Fleszewski is finishing her second year at Valparaiso University where she is studying environmental science and geography. She is currently involved with Alpha Phi Omega. She plans on pursuing a masters in hydrogeology after graduating in the spring of 2023. Grace spends her free time beekeeping, caving, and hiking.

Momin Mirza is finishing his third year at Valparaiso University where he is studying environmental science. He runs on the cross country and track and field team and attends the math and chess clubs. After graduating in the spring of 2022 he plans on pursuing graduate school and a career in environmental research and activism. In his free time he enjoys reading and writing prose and poetry, as well as playing guitar.

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