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Michael Glass


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computer science

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Oral Presentation

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Spring 4-29-2021


Our project creates a website of the rocks and minerals in the Valparaiso University Geography department's collection. Students can refer to these samples when they are in class, doing homework, or even in the field. Information for each sample includes date collected, location it was collected, the collection coordinates, who it was collected by, the sample type, its general type, what kind of rock or mineral it is, the weathering process and general notes and comments. There are also some warnings to show the dangers of some samples and that students need to be careful when handling them. Students will be able to pull up the website and see this information, along with a search function that will pull up the rocks and minerals of what you searched for. What is interesting about this project is that students of Valparaiso university will be able to pull this up when they are in the field. The website will take the information that is provided by the Geography department in a spreadsheet and format it for students to use and read. It will also have a feature where the professor can add new mineral samples to the spreadsheet and the website will then update to include that new information for all who access it.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Jaeda Nowacki graduates in 2021 and is a computer science major

James Lane graduates in 2023 and is a computer science major

Tyler Faber graduates in 2022 and is a computer science major

Jacob Bradley graduates in 2022 and is a computer science major

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