"I Am.."

Faculty Sponsor

Sarah Jantzi


Arts and Sciences



Presentation Type

Artistic Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-2021


The project “I Am…” shows the different layers a woman can possess. The definition of layers within this series would be emotional, physical, and unseen layers within each woman. Through the use of photography and graphic design the layers of each subject can be discovered by the viewer. Some characteristics are unseen leaving room for interpretation, while others are very evident. The women being photographed come from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and race. Through these differences within their layers, they can celebrate what brings them together and makes them alike. The use of color and text bring out both the similarities and differences between each of the women. Each piece is unique to the subject based on who they say they are, the emotions they show, the colors they chose, and the physical features of their beauty. There is a need for women to show their layers to the world. To show who they are and all they can be. This is evident by the amount of women that came to me and knew how important it is for the voices to be heard. For them to be confident in who they are. The theme of this piece is very simple but very necessary. The demographic is all women. Every single woman who wanted to be a part of this project was photographed, none were excluded. Excluding women based on their layers and characteristics to fit a specific demographic of my project is not how I want to be perceived as an artist. I do not pick and choose, I accept all. Some other themes that can be seen throughout the series are women empowerment, body positivity, natural beauty, strength, confidence, color, acceptance and emotion.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

I was born in Northern Illinois in 1998. I grew up in a small town, Antioch IL. I attended Faith Lutheran Grade School and then went on to attend Shoreland Lutheran High School. All throughout school I was drawn to the arts. I never really succeeded in other subjects due to a speech impediment and Dyslexia. Art was always my safe place. I am currently studying Digital Media Arts with a minor in communication at Valparaiso University.

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