Development of a computational model for assessing cell morphology and movement on three-dimensional polymer fibers

Faculty Sponsor

Bethany Luke





Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-29-2021


Within biological systems, cells exist inside structures of collagen fibers. Cells use these fibers in order to move, and the fibers can be mimicked by biodegradable scaffolds. There are a variety of factors such as the orientation and diameter of collagen fibers that affect cell movement and cause scaffold biodegradation within the body. These factors determine how successful scaffolds are at creating healthy tissue within a given system. There are currently few to no models which accurately represent how the fiber properties affect cell movement and fiber degradation. Therefore, the goal of this research is to design an accurate scaffold model in order to analyze how cell morphology and mobility change as various scaffold parameters are altered. MATLAB software was used to build this model. Cell motion was used in order to analyze the efficiency of fiber growth.

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