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Dr. Theresa A. Kessler




Nursing Research

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-1-2020


Vaping Prevalence on College Campuses

Purpose and Background/Significance: The college-aged demographic is especially at risk for adverse effects surrounding usage of electronic vaping devices given the deficit in published research regarding the use of vaping products (Kenne, Fishbein, Tan, & Banks, 2017). Vaping rates in college students have more than doubled between 2017 – 2018 (vaping nicotine from 6% to 16%; and marijuana 5% to 11%); the greatest one-year increase for any substance since 1975 (Monitoring the Future, 2019). The objectives of this qualitative study are to assess attitudes and beliefs about the use of electronic vaping devices held by college students and to better understand the use despite adverse health effects.

Method: 800 undergraduate students were invited to participate in an online survey conducted through Survey Monkey. Data were collected and analyzed in order to further understand relationships and opinions existing between college students and the use of electronic vaping devices.

Results: Of the 800 students that received the email to participate, 487 responded (60.87% response rate). When asked if the participants used an electronic vaping device in the last thirty days, 17.85% responded “yes”. All questions following this item were directed towards those participants who responded “yes” to vaping in the last thirty days.

Future Research: Future research will include focus groups which will allow in-depth analysis of the attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs held by current undergraduate students. Information is being collected as a means to implement health promotion interventions on campus to decrease usage of electric vaping devices.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Senior nursing majors: Emma Kamp, Kayleigh Willett

Junior nursing majors: Madison Ling, Keegan Maris, Isabella Portugal

Sophomore nursing majors: Alaina Meyer, Lexi Przybylski, Kaylinn Woolever