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Kelly Helm


Arts and Sciences

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 2020


The objective of this study was to compare left and right gluteus maximus muscle activation in division one (D1) female basketball players, while performing a countermovement (CMJ). The study asked, "What impact does the bilateral CMJ have on gluteal activation in D1 female athletes?" The null hypothesis stated no significant differences would be found in gluteal activation between the right and left gluteus maximus muscles. Nine female participants volunteered for the study. Pre-screening of participants involved assessment of the Functional Movement ScreenTM squat pattern and muscular voluntary isometric contractions (MVIC) of the right and left gluteus maximus. Surface electrodes were placed on the belly of each gluteus maximus to record muscle activation while performing three trials of the CMJ. Data was analyzed using the Delsys EMGWorks® software. Root mean square (RMS) values were normalized to the MVIC for each gluteus maximus. Means for the right and left gluteus maximus activation during the countermovement portion of the jump and landing portion were calculated separately. A match paired t-test compared the right and left gluteus maximus activation for the CMJ and landing. Results indicated no statistically significant differences in gluteus maximus during CMJ task. The null hypothesis is accepted. No significant differences were noted at CMJ p=0.79 and at landing p=0.11. Further research should be performed using multiple MVICs and greater resistance during MVIC testing.

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Addison Stoller is a senior exercise major with a human biology minor. She is currently a member of the women's basketball team at Valparaiso University. Addison is passionate about overall health and fitness, athletic performance, and nutrition. Her career goal is to work as a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level or performance gym, while managing her own training business focused on holistic wellness.

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