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Nick Rosasco


Arts and Sciences


Software Engineering, Computer Science

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Eric Yager, 0000-0002-3691-7801; Zack Lee, 0000-0001-9591-8217; Ray Zimmerman, 0000-0001-9202-2853; Billy Skedd, 0000-0001-7541-2788; Doug Skedd, 0000-0001-7046-0393

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-1-2020


The IT staff at Dwyer Instruments encountered several issues when switching to use Google’s business technology services. These problems included lack of a button to open a new email draft with a PDF already attached, the timestamp function in Google Sheets displaying the current time instead of the time it was entered, duplicate Google Sheets spreadsheets not maintaining protected ranges, lack of a timeline chart in Google Sheets, inability to save Gmail searches, lack of event templates in Google Calendar, and lack of a workflow management tool in Google’s business technology suite. On site personnel were asked to communicate what would help smooth the transition to the G Suite. One challenge encountered was the difficulty in publishing G-Suite add-ons to Google’s online marketplace. Another challenge is presented by the lack of examples of G-Suite add-ons. This makes it tough to create add-ons since there are few resources to go off of. A G-Suite add-on was developed to create an in-page side window in Gmail and Drive to allow attachments from selected conversations or Drive files to be attached and sent with an email. A Google Sheets add-on was also developed in order to insert the current time into a selected cell. While some needs remain outstanding, but the project made significant progress toward solving some of their IT issues.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Eric Yager is a sophomore computer science and math double major. Zack Lee is a sophomore data science and computer science double major. Billy Skedd is a senior computer engineering major. Doug Skedd is a sophomore computer science major. Ray Zimmerman is a sophomore computer science major.