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Kelly Helm


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Exercise Science

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-1-2020


A transfer between weightlifting and jumps is based on principles of increased demands being placed upon the muscular system while performing similar movement patterns. The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of power-clean (PC) and deadlift (DL) interventions on vertical-jump (VJ) and broad-jump (BJ) performance in college-aged males. The hypothesis stated PC intervention would show greater improvements in BJ and VJ than DL intervention. The null hypothesis stated no difference between DL and PC groups would be found in affecting VJ and BJ performance. Six males who were not D-I athletes and were experienced with required movements were recruited for the study. Participants were randomly assigned to DL intervention, PC intervention, or control group. ORPYX shoe pods were placed in participants shoes to measure force produced in jumps and lifts. All participants performed pre-intervention max VJ and BJ testing. Jump testing was followed by max PC and DL testing for respected groups. Participants in DL and PC interventions performed a training protocol three days a week for six-weeks. Post-intervention, subjects were re-evaluated in jumps and lifts. Data was analyzed through ORPYX and transferred to Excel for further analysis. Means and standard deviations for force, jumps, and lifts were calculated and analyzed through SPSS. A one-way ANOVA was used to analyze data. Improvements occurred, but no statistically significant difference was observed (p < .05). The null hypothesis was accepted; no significant differences were found between DL and PC in affecting VJ and BJ performance.

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The importance of this study was in interpreting proper lifting and jumping techniques and seeing if a correlation between the PC and DL and a change in jump performance existed in order to better train athletes so they can perform at a higher level.

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