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Jacob Henschen





ORCID Identifier(s)

Drew Fleming, 0000-0001-6914-7818; Gina Sandmire, 0000-0002-7512-3887; Emily Stanish, 0000-0002-2173-7963; Luke Weber, 0000-0002-2332-0571

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 2020


The goal of this project is to be able to extend and build off of a curricular tool created to support the Valparaiso University Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. It will specifically focus on various data sets, both numerical and graphical and interact with images from various flexural beam tests. This project will extend on the work done before on multiple prototypes and continue to build off of designs and requirements of past projects. This provides a multi-generational experience for the Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) team and illustrates many challenges. This web-based project has multiple features that help interpret data efficiently and allows for changing the displayed data with ease. This application was designed using the agile approach and environment. A combination of languages are used including PHP/CSS, which provides this application to be web-based, JavaScript, which allows various functions to control the webpage, SQL, which is a database management tool used to make managing large databases simple, and MatLab, which is used for image processing. Our project has features to upload new data to the application and it is then able to be analyzed and create a chart with that given information.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

All 4 students are part of the CS 358 software design class and chose to be the group members for converting the engineering class's images into readable charts. We all have previous programming experience but little experience in the field area of the project making it a challenging project where we will soon learn many new skills.

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