Robotics Swarm Algorithms: Dispersion Using Gradient Descent Algorithm

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Sami Khorbotly




Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Poster Presentation

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Spring 5-3-2019


Since swarm robotics can involve hundreds of robots, this research was able to simplify the algorithms for robots, namely in dispersion, and thus bring down the cost of swarm robots. This algorithm is a more versatile approach to dispersion because it only relies on one sensor and can be cheaply implemented. This research developed an algorithm to autonomously control a swarm of robots in many different environments and help them evenly spread out. Furthermore, this research shows several tests and the data shows that the algorithm consistently works. The tests show how this algorithm can be used across many different robots and it will decrease the cost of robots. These development highlights improvements for the robots in their ability to spread out effectively and quickly.

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Currently, I am a computer engineering sophomore at Valparaiso University's College of Engineering. I have been involved with several robotic projects including two with the kilobots, and I have lead projects as the Vice President of Valpo Robotics ranging from robotic football to an autonomous robot. I hope to learn about robotics so that I can pursue a career in robotics and automation.

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