Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Matthew Ringenberg


Arts and Sciences


Social Work

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-3-2019


The purpose of this research was to analyze how campus resources at Valparaiso University affect first-generation college students. Specifically, this study looked at the effect campus resources have on feelings of belonging on campus and academic success. First generation college students are defined as students whose parents have not obtained a four-year degree.

This study used a questionnaire that was emailed to every known first-generation college student at Valparaiso University. This consisted of five sections: demographics, campus resource use, the campus community, academic preparedness, and experience. The use of campus resources section used a Likert scale to see how often students used different campus resources. The campus community and academic preparedness sections also used a Likert scale to see how much students related to questions such as, “I feel like I fit in at Valpo”. Finally, the experience section allowed for students to write in specific challenges they have faced on Valparaiso University's campus. These results can help further develop the Persistence and Success Program (PSP), a first-generation college student program on campus.