An Investigation of the Landfall and Extratropical Transition of TC Narelle (2013) in the Southeast Indian Ocean Basin

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Dr. Kevin Goebbert


Arts and Sciences


Geography and Meteorology

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Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-3-2019


This research is investigating the extratropical transition (ET) of tropical cyclones in the southeast Indian Ocean (SEIO) basin. While ET has been studied extensively in other TC basins, the SEIO has not been thoroughly investigated. This work specifically looks at the potential ET of tropical cyclone Narelle (2013) including the impact that the cyclone had on the Australian continent. Using global reanalysis data it will be determined how closely the track of TC Narelle matches its actual track to ultimately determine whether or not the cyclone partially or fully went through ET. Track comparison will be completed by correlating latitude, longitude, and pressure (in hPa) between the reanalysis and observed tracks. From this, the motion vector can be determined from the reanalysis data compute the cyclone phase space over its lifecycle, which will determine the extent to which TC Narelle completed ET. In addition, particular attention will be focused on the state of transition during the cyclones landfall and an assessment of the impact will be made.The results of this study will initiate the development of a climatology of SEIO ET that will identify important aspects related to the forecasting of such events that can help lead to improvements in forecasts of extratropical storms and the warnings given to those with life and property within the impact of these storms.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Samantha Schletz is a sophomore meteorology major from New Lenox, Illinois. She has been interested in the weather since she was a young child. Her interest for tropical weather began when she had a family member impacted by a hurricane. In the future, she would like to forecast and research tropical systems. She is also perusing a minor in mathematics at Valparaiso University.

Jacob Janssen is a freshman meteorology student from Homer Glen, Illinois. He is interested in advancing warning systems for all different types of severe weather, including but not limited to tropical cyclones. He hopes this project will help him have a better understanding of the warning systems for tropical cyclones.

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