Do I Have Your Attention Yet?

Faculty Sponsor

Liz Wuerffel; Sarah Jantzi


Arts and Sciences



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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-3-2019


People tend to react in various ways when they encounter something that they do not understand, something that is where it should not be, or something that is invading their personal space. This project is a social experiment that seeks to evoke a response from its viewers and ask the questions of how will people respond when they encounter something as previously described. The series of posters displayed across Valparaiso University seek to ask these questions. Posters are images and designs that have meaning and convey information. The designs of this project however, are practically void of meaning and have no real information to present to the viewer. In this sense, they present the viewer with something they do not understand. The placement of these designs seek to invoke a sense of invasion of personal space and to appear where they cannot be missed, and in doing so, they must appear where typical posters do not. Each of these posters are accompanied by a small card that asks the viewer if they are curious and provides an Instagram hashtag for them to interact with, in the chance that they are curious and wish to find out more. The viewer is encouraged to interact through Instagram, and by doing so, they may see themselves become a part of a much larger show. The results of said show will be determined based on viewer response.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Drake Mattingly is a senior at Valparaiso University studying Digital Media Art. After graduation, he plans on spending a year working in Germany through a co-op program with Hochschule Aalen. His aspirations are to be a graphic designer and a translator.

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