Scenes At The Shore

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Michael Barlow


Arts and Sciences


Arts and Sciences

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Artistic Presentation

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Spring 5-3-2019


The assignment in 2D and 3D Art was to construct a found object assemblage-sculpture that balances positive and negative space. Louise Nevelson's assemblage-sculpture style is the inspiration for this work of art titled, "Scenes At The Shore". The focus when laying out the rectangular components of the design was to maintain overall balance to the composition. Thoughts of time spent in the state of Michigan began to develop into mini pictorial scenes. Found objects such as picture frames, cork, glass, wood, paper, and stone were incorporated into the design. Each component was filled with objects to create independent scenes. Collectively, the scenes were arranged to complement each other with the underlying principle of positioning the lines to remain as vertical as possible. Louise was an abstract artist so the scenes were created to focus as much on interpretation as possible. Maintaining a balance to the design with complexity and simplicity was another focus as each scene was built. Images displayed reflect a sun, moon, beach blanket, grasses, sailboats, sand dunes, umbrella's, a concession stand, water, driftwood, stepping stones, piers, sandcastles, ship's masts, and grapes. The use of one color only for the assemblage-sculpture allows the eye to view the design without being drawn to a specific color. White is pure and light, it gives the viewer a heightened perception of space. Louise predominantly used either all white or all black in her sculptures. The final assemblage-sculpture achieved the goal of balancing positive form with negative space.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Creativity is important to me and expressing it in different ways is my current goal. The first college art class I took at V.U. was Sculpture. Paper sculpting was the main medium for this class which led to learning about sculpture artists and Louise Nevelson. This completed assemblage-sculpture required for 2D and 3D art is a progression of my sculpting skills.

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The assemblage sculpture weighs 3 pounds, its size is approximately 25" x 17" x 3".

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