Student Governance Digital Business Process

Faculty Sponsor

Nicholas Rosasco


Arts and Sciences


Computing and Information Sciences

ORCID Identifier(s)

0000-0002-1010-8512 (Zach Diamond) 0000-0003-1076-9908 (Nate Weber)

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 3-21-2018


To support evolving expectations for digital business processes and paperwork handling, this project is focused on the creation of a suite of web applications that allow the replacement of a number of paper forms with a more sophisticated system. As an exercise in customer and client management, in collaboration with Craig Behnke (a sophomore senator of the Valparaiso University Student Senate), various customer needs and operational requirements were identified - tiers of privileges and access (someone in UPC shouldn't have access to view the forms of another organization), some forms require approval from Student Senate, while others need to be voted upon. These forms include but are not limited to line item shifts, encumbrance requests, stipend encumbrance requests, and capital expenditure requests. To support digital editions of these forms, a mix of technologies were used. These included HTML and CSS for the front end implementation, and SQL and PHPmyAdmin as back end components. The expected result is a prototype that the Valparaiso University Student Senate can use as the basis for digital record keeping, with a long term aim of decreased reliance on paper, simplified access to student organization information, data security, and less mechanical effort for student governance operations.

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