Interface Extensions to the AMC Evaluation Platform

Faculty Sponsor

Nicholas S. Rosasco


Arts and Sciences


Computing and Information Sciences

ORCID Identifier(s)

0000-0003-4534-4774, 0000-0002-3937-2552, 0000-0003-1572-2885, 0000-0002-3142-7686

Presentation Type

Poster Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 5-3-2018


For nearly a decade, the Auto Multiple Choice (AMC) application has allowed educators to provide high-quality assessments for their courses. While this tool provides easy quiz generation and grading, the barrier for entry is high because of the underlying platform requirements. By removing the necessity of familiarity with Linux and LaTeX, this project can expand the usability of AMC by extending the existing functionality with a user-friendly graphic web interface. Faculty without the specialized skill set would then be able to use the software. This project accomplishes the aforementioned goals by extracting existing scripts in the program and utilizing them in a JavaScript-based (with ReactJS) web front end. This front end reduces the process of question and quiz generation to a set of malleable HTML forms. The output of these forms is then taken by a Python-based backend, which takes question sets, generates LaTeX from HTML form input, and calls existing AMC scripts to generate PDF quizzes.

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